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Universal Studios Hollywood@New 2019

Beitragvon Andrej Woiczik » Do 15. Feb 2018, 08:12

2019 - Jurassic World Upgrade - (2/15/18) According to another Screamscape source, plans and work is said to be underway not only for some new dinosaurs for the Jurassic Park/World update coming to the Universal Studios Hollywood ride in 2019, but also some new scenes and special effects are being designed to revamp or replace some existing scenes.
Meanwhile, be sure to get your last rides in as soon as possible... while we thought that it may not close until Summer is over, from the sound of the things, it very well could close down a lot sooner than we thought.
(2/14/18) We've talked about this rumor ever since Jurassic World hit theaters back in 2015 and became a smash hit. What rumor? You know... the one where Universal decides to update the old Jurassic Park ride a little bit and rename the improved version after Jurassic World.
Nothing is expected to happen this summer when Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hits theaters, after all, summer is the park's busy season, but after the summer crowds leave, I'm hearing that work to add those long rumored scenic upgrades may actually begin, which means the ride will probably re-launch in Spring/Summer 2019.
So what's going to change? Well... I may have posted another clue to this mystery back in July on the Islands of Adventure page. The rumor then was that Universal Creative had hired Creature Technology to some new large-scale animatronic creatures for them... the same people who had just created the impressive new Kong figure for Islands of Adventure's Skull Island attraction. At the time I was guessing that these could be new dinos for that park's Jurassic Park ride... but this work could very well be for the Hollywood park instead.
Stay tuned... we hope to find out more in the weeks to come.

http://screamscape.com/html/universal_s ... m#Jurassic

Anlässlich des neuen Jurassic Park/World-Films, wird wohl der erstklassige Ride auf den neusten Stand gebracht und erhält ein "Update"
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