Weg 2021: Dragon @ Ocean Park, Hong Kong

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Weg 2021: Dragon @ Ocean Park, Hong Kong

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In diesem Jahr soll in diesem Weltklasse Freizeitpark eine Veränderung des Parks stattfinden und der Arrowcoaster den Park verlassen.

2018 war ich dort und die Bahn fuhr sich sehr schlagfreudig. Kein Genuss und auch kein großer Verlust für den Park.

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According to an update posted by TheCoasterKings, Ocean Park has now received 5.4 billion Yuan ($361 million) from the government to “revitalize” and “stabilize” the theme park and as a result will be making some big changes to how they operate. Perhaps the biggest change will be a move away from a traditional theme park business model and into a park where admission is free but the attractions will require their own fees to experience.
In a business model like that, the popular attractions survive and the unpopular will find themselves phased out rather quickly. As such, new and more traditional upcharge style attractions like ziplining will be added, while seven older rides with high maintenance costs are already planned for removal. They are eyeballing a number of attractions for retirement in Ocean World and Rapid Stream World, and have already confirmed that the Ferris Wheel and Dragon roller coaster will be removed. The Dragon is the oldest coaster in the park, an Arrow custom looper added in 1984 that sits on a hillside that has been repainted in a number of different colors over the years. According to the article the majority of attractions in Dynamic World, Tropical Rainforest World and Ice Polar World will remain.
The rides to be retired however may continue to operate for up to three years from now, as the new business model of the park will seek out “new vendors and operators” to lease out sites in the park to redevelop and run their own attractions instead. The concept sounds a little out there on the surface, but is not one that hasn’t been used elsewhere with success. While I’ve never been myself, I believe that the popular Wiener Prater park in Vienna, Austria runs itself in a similar fashion, with various groups installing and running their own attractions in competition with the other attractions in the park run by other groups and families. (If I misunderstood, someone please correct me…) I’m not sure what other locations may operate this way, though it sounds more like the style of operations you might find on the European fair circuit as well.
Another article on the topic from BlooLoop also mentions that the focus of the park may also be a shift towards being a resort destination rather than a regional theme park as a way to stabilize the attraction which has been operating at a loss for the past four years. Instead the lower sections of the park that will be free to visit will be transformed more into a ‘retailtainment zone’ with more food & beverage locations run by third parties that will generate income for Ocean Park. There are also plans to build a new show venue at the park that can be used for concerts and other show performances.
On another note, the long in development waterpark Ocean Park has been building will finally open later in late Summer 2021, and will be run as a separate gated attraction requiring a separate ticket to visit.
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