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Cedar Point - Das Interview

Tony Clark
Tony Clark, Marketing-Manager Cedar Fair Group

The Interview Tony Clark, thank you on behalf of all the German amusement park fans that you have agreed to answer our questions. What are your duties as "Interactive Manager"?

Tony Clark:  I am responsible for managing and updating the Cedar Point website, our Facebook, Twitter & YouTube pages, our digital message signs at the park and our VIP Tour program. I also assist with other duties here and there, including projects for our Cedar Fair corporate office. Cedar Point is the "Mecca of roller coasters on the planet" and for years has been continuously awarded as the best theme park in the world. What represents Cedar Point for you personally?

Tony Clark:  Cedar Point captured my imagination during my first visit in 2000. I knew that I had to work here. I have a love for thrill rides, roller coasters and the amusement industry, so it was a perfect match for me. The biggest reason why I love Cedar Point is because every day is different. Its not a normal place to work! What is your favorite attraction? Please with emotional reasoning. ;-)

Tony Clark:  I have to say its Millennium Force. I was so amazed that a coaster could go that high and that fast. I was instantly hooked and still am to this day. The first time I rode it, I was completely terrified. But now that I can ride it whenever I want, Ive overcome those fears. I still do not like heights unless Im in a coaster train going up and then coming down! My favorite thrill ride is PowerTower (space shot side). What are in your park, the biggest crowd-pullers?

Millenium Force
Immer noch der Liebling der Besucher: Millenium Force

Tony Clark: Our guests LOVE Millennium Force its our star attraction that appeals to a very wide variety of riders. Maverick, Raptor and Top Thrill Dragster are also popular, but Millennium Force is easily a crowd favorite.  Cedar Point has a great tradition and takes care of its exemplary attractions. What do you invest in maintenance and preservation of your rides?

Tony Clark:  Each winter, our rides go through an extensive overhaul process. Ride cars, coaster trains and other components are removed from the rides, taken apart and inspected during the winter, and then are rebuilt for the next season. Then during the summer, every ride is inspected at least twice daily. Safety is our #1 priority. For visitors with a long journey, especially from Europe, your VIP tour is very interesting. Convince us with a few advantages of your particular VIP-Ticket-services.

Tony Clark: The VIP Tour program is popular for one big reason guests who do not have a lot of time to spend at Cedar Point want to ride and see everything in one day. The VIP Tour allows that to happen, as you can choose what rides and coasters you want to ride and in what order all without waiting, and for as many times as you want! Our internet magazine has a special connection to Dr. Werner Stengel. What is the link between Cedar Point and Dr. Werner Stengel?

Tony Clark: Werner Stengel and his design team are responsible for many of the record-breaking roller coasters at Cedar Point. Id also argue that they are responsible for some of the best coasters in the world. It all starts with the design process, and Werner Stengel delivers every time. Were proud that Maverick was the 500th coaster designed by his firm. Cedar Point is also known for special events. What are the highlights of this season you have offered to your audience and especially to your employees?

Tony Clark: This year, we gave guests a variety of things to see at the park. We brought in sports stars like Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon, Cleveland Cavaliers player Daniel Gibson and even the U.S. Army Strength in Action Tour. Guests were able to meet players, get their photos taken and otherwise experience something a little bit more during their visit. For employees, we offer a lot of activities during the summer just for them. We have cook-outs with free food, employee dances, ride nights where we open rides after park closing just for employees, bus trips to local attractions and more.  E.T. and Elliot, Charlie Brown and Peppermint Petty, Tarzan and Jane, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf, all great love affairs. Just like Cedar Point and Intamin?

Shoot the Rapids
Neuheit 2010: Shoot the Rapids

Tony Clark: Haha! You would think that, wouldnt you? J I wouldnt call it a love affair, but I would call it the result of a company turning our concepts into reality. Our Planning & Design Department comes up with the concepts for our coasters. We send these concepts to manufacturers (there are not many these days), and Intamin (IntaRide) has consistently come back with everything weve requested. Plus, they build great rides!  For 2010 you have announced Shoot the Rapids, a new water ride. What is so special about this highlight of the upcoming season?

Tony Clark:  Well, we definitely needed a new flume ride at Cedar Point, ever since the removal of White Water Landing. We currently have two water rides (in our total of 75), so you can see there is definitely a need for a water attraction. Its going to be a unique ride thats for sure. We hope families will ride together and get a little wet on hot summer days. Im looking forward to taking the first ride, even if we still have winter-like temperatures!

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