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2018-09-03 20:32:14 - 985 Aufrufe

Alterface installs interactivity for 'Looney Tunes' ride at WB World Abu Dhabi

Alterface worked closely with industry partners to build the interactive Ani-Mayhem dark ride at Warner Bros. WorldTM in Abu Dhabi, the world’s first-ever Warner Bros. branded indoor theme park. The park features uniquely themed lands such as Cartoon Junction, Bedrock, Gotham City and Metropolis, hosting 29 family-friendly attractions.

Upon opening of the ride in August, Ani-Mayhem was warmly welcomed and highly praised by ride enthusiasts. The attraction offers great interactive amusement for the entire family. Players can become ACME’s Employee of the Month. They grab their barcode scanner, hop in a delivery vehicle and take up the challenge on this multi-dimensional interactive ride to collect as much points as possible! The Ani- Mayhem ride takes guests on a rollicking delivery mission through six different iconic Looney Tunes scenes, creating cartoon chaos as they go.

Stéphane Battaille, Chief Operations Officer at Alterface, explains: “It’s a challenge to build and activate a ride with such a well-known IP as Looney Tunes. The bar was raised very high by Warner Bros. and with our partners we ultimately succeeded in creating a fun and unique attraction. The ride is all-immersive with different dimensions and layers, allowing us to demonstrate the versatility of our interactive technology. The Alterface technology seamlessly integrates 3D media scenes with many physical elements and moving targets players can hit from their vehicles. The attention to timing and detail is remarkable and results in a first-class attraction matching those of the largest parks in the world.”

Riders to enjoy the experience

All ride design and building was led by Thinkwell and implemented alongside high-level ride builders such as Pure Imagination and ETF Ride Systems. The ETF delivery vehicles are fully customized to the theme and perfectly fit into the scenery. Alterface designed the barcode scanners to capture the points along the ride, managed by its advanced and interactive SaltoTM Show Control Management. This also directs all media, screens, photos, hall of fame and timing targets. With as many as 12 players shooting at a screen at the same time, timing is crucial and Alterface once again turned a technical complex project into an accessible and fun ride.“My favorite attraction in the park was Ani-Mayhem, an adventure through a Mad Men-era ACME products plant. Not only does the ride blend its media and practical effects well, it throws character-driven Looney Tunes gags into every game, allowing riders to enjoy the experience as a narrative dark ride. And the finale is just perfect, taking you through the iconic ‘That’s All Folks’ rings in real life.” Robert Niles, Theme Park Insider.

Benoit Cornet, CEO and Founder of Alterface concludes: “Alterface has been involved in 8 out of 10 interactive dark rides across the Middle East theme parks. New parks have been rising and shining, and park owners want the most advanced attractions to offer their visitors unbeatable experiences. This means they aim for the finest digital technology and gameplay. The interactive attractions have so far been proven very successful across the parks and also Ani-Mayhem was immediately a big hit with the visitors. It demonstrates that these interactive attractions are the way forward and every modern park should include one amongst their offering.”

Quelle: PM Alterface