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2022-11-23 17:39:00 - 333 Aufrufe

Gardaland Resort announces Jumanji® - The Labyrinth

Gardaland Resort announces its new attraction for 2023: Jumanji®-The Labyrinth, based on Sony Pictures’ box office hit Jumanji film franchise.

Jumanji The Labyrinth is an exclusive and exciting experience for families with children of all ages and groups of friends. Beginning next spring, they will have the chance to experience the adventurous world of Jumanji in a whole new way.

Following on from its successful launch earlier in the year, “Jumanji®-The Adventure has welcomed more than one million visitors across its launch season. The Jumanji experience offers adventure, imagination, fun, action and play, and perfectly fits in with the cornerstone values of Gardaland Park. We are proud to be able to continue this collaboration and offer our guests a new Jumanji-themed experience”, said Sabrina De Carvalho, CEO of Gardaland.

Backed by its long experience and prestigious position within the Merlin Entertainments group – the top entertainment company in Europe – Gardaland continues to update and improve its proposals, taking into account the changing demands of visitors and offering them ever more memorable and immersive experiences.

Gardaland JUMANJI - The Labyrinth_2.jpg
Foto: Gardaland | Attraktion: Jumanji® - The Labyrinth